Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging is a type of carded packaging which uses heat sealing to vacuum form film over the product as efficiently as possible. Heat sealing is the central procedure of skin packaging because it can work with a wide variety of materials using easily automated processes.

This packaging technique has four components:

  1. The plastic film
  2. Heat seal coating
  3. Printing ink
  4. Paperboard.

After printing, the board is placed on a vacuum plate and product is placed on the board. At the beginning of the packaging cycle the film is heated and applied to the product and its backing. When the heated film comes into contact with the backing substrate, it forms an airtight seal around the product. Then, the platform containing the heated film is lowered over the product, a vacuum draws the film down to the substrate and around the product, which results in a neat and attractive look.

Skin packaging is a highly-effective way to package items. It is an excellent way to protect your goods and also takes way less space than traditional forms of packaging. It is the perfect way of showcasing products, store owners can display their merchandise without ever removing them from the case. This ensures that they remain in a saleable condition for an extended period.
We at skinPACK offer clients with competent machines for skin packaging of products. If you want to store your hardware products safely and efficiently, ensuring they’re safe for display, WE CAN HELP.
• Visually Appealing Presentation
• Low Cost
• High and Versatile Security & Protection
• Fast Availability


• Advertising and Information Carrier
• Maximum Durability
• Great for All Shapes & Sizes
• Environmentally Friendly

Option 1

In-House Packaging

We offer a complete range of New and Refurbished Skin & Blister Packaging Machinery. Our on-site commissioning service will ensure your staff are trained correctly to provide the best return on your investment.

Option 2

Sheltered Workshops

Get involved and support the community. If purchasing machines is not a solution for your company, we have a number of Sheltered Workshops all over Australia that would be able to complete your labor requirements.