Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging is one of the best ways to pack a variety of items ranging from hardware to cosmetics. The durable, transparent plastic forms a secure seal that protects the product while providing a clear view of what’s inside. This type of packaging also protects products that are to be transported over long distances to retail stores. Whether you want to pack fishing lures or nuts & bolts, you can find the right kind of clamshell packaging for your needs at SkinPack.

Clamshell Packaging Advantages

There are several benefits to opting for this type of packaging, such as:

  • Regardless of what they are purchasing, consumers want the products to be in good condition. They also want to be able to look at the product before buying it and clamshell packaging meets both these objectives.
  • Increases the attractiveness of the product being sold, no matter how elaborate, simple or basic it is.
  • Gives potential buyers a 360-degree view of the product, helping them make a better-informed decision. Standard packaging in boxes does not provide this clear view and that can also mean you sell fewer products.
  • No special machinery is required which also means that you can package your products simply, efficiently and affordably.
  • The initial investment for the machinery is low and that makes this packing option even more cost-effective.
  • A good way to pack a range of products. There are existing stock sizes and shapes available and you can choose what suits your needs best.
  • Some hardware products like nails etc. can have sharp points and edges and need secure packaging. It helps to keep the product in good condition, as it will not pierce the clamshell cover.
  • This packaging has sufficient space for an information card and you can include all the product-related information you need on it.
• Protection
• Eye-Catching
• Transparent Packaging
• Enhanced Security


• Ease of Customer Use
• Versatility
• Environmentally Friendly
• Cost Effective