Want to introduce new products in the market with the latest packaging? Switch over to blister packaging and clamshell packaging… Look no further, simply opt for SkinPack packaging services in Australia.


Clamshell packaging as the name suggests includes a container with 2 flaps like a clamshell joined at one end. Such a container can hold products and can be closed or sealed. This form of packaging is used to contain a range of products from small electronic components to edible products such as fruits, sweets, goodies, baked food and plenty of other items. While walking into a supermarket you can find an array of products packed with clamshell packages. Now you too can opt for clamshell packaging if you want to introduce new products in the market.


While most retailers are already using skin packaging, blister packaging or clamshell packaging, it is essential to seal the products with any of these neat packaging options to get equal attention of the buyers. If you want to capture the interests of the buyers you need to introduce your products with these packaging options. You can also paste coloured labels with the name and description of the products. SkinPack packaging services are providing Clamshell mould to introduce the clamshell packaging technology. Now new entrepreneurs can plan clamshell packaging services from SkinPack, leading clamshell manufacturer. They are promptly opting for the Clamshell packaging services while launching their products in the market. Better packaging implies better standards for the products in the eyes of the customers.

Types of Top Packaging:

  • Blister packaging
  • Skin packaging
  • Clamshell packaging

SkinPack is providing machinery that can be used for skin packaging or blister packaging. There are also special moulds for clamshell packaging. Based on the products, entrepreneurs can choose the kind of packaging and preserve their products intact.


There are plenty of benefits to clamshell packaging:

  • Preserving the product

The clamshell packets preserve the products, protects it from damage and prevents the accumulation of dust. The clamshell packaging prevents damage to all kinds of products such as edible bakery products or sweets. It also avoids the accumulation of dust on food products and keeps it clean

  • Improves the shelf life of products

The clamshell packaging improves the shelf life of all products, especially food products. It prevents moisture from settling on the baked food and spoiling them. Clamshell packaging is extensively used in bakeries.

  • Prevents spillage of products

While the clamshell products contain a certain quantity of products, it is easy to carry them without spillage. The clamshell packaging is extensively used in leading fast food chains of restaurants. Now many fast food joints are using their own clamshell moulds to create unique clamshell packages and maintain their identity among rivals and competitors. Now they can rely on the packaging technology and machinery provided by SkinPack packaging solutions to pack their products in bulk. Such machinery can be used for bulk packaging of products.

SkinPack is the leading supplier of packaging machinery across Australia. It trains the staffs of organisations to use the machinery and packages the products efficiently. It was stabilised in 1995 and it is completely under Australian ownership and operation.